Friday, January 15, 2010

We have another entry today from......

Bec Miller - Montana

Hi again,
I loved the whole layout and colours of the poster so I used the same concept. I can't normally do multiple pics on a page and thats why I loved the poster. My favourite colour is Red also! ;o) Thanks, Bec Miller

Great job on the challenge, I'm really impressed :) and gorgeous pics of your daughter, she is soooooo cute! Love the red! Well done Bec!! - Shazza


  1. I agree, love the pics and looks so true to the sketch and poster. Great work.

  2. Wow, Bec. this looks fantastic. Really great take on the inspiration. Well done.

  3. oh my gosh, this one just blows me away, not only did you do everything asked, but your take on the poster itself is just fantastic! Well done, LOVE IT!

  4. Wow this looks so like the poster! What a great Lo. Love the pics of Montana! Great job!

  5. Gorgeous Bec and just love the picture of Montana in the title great idea!