Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here is another entry from a 'Newbie'...........

Dinnae Galloway - Superstar

Here is what Dinnae had to say.......Okay, here it is, finally. My first submission to FS2S!!! I did this layout for my monthly scrap club Shaz, and I sketched it out back in NOVEMBER... so when I saw your criteria for this month, my eyes just about popped out of my head!!!! :) I LOVE using b&w photos!
Journalling reads:
My name is Dinnae & it's take me a long time to realise that I am a SUPERSTAR!
I am a wife & soul mate, a mum to 2 boys, a baby-wearing, breast-feeding, pro-natural birthing, pro-cloth nappy-ing, crafty home-maker mama.
I'm a sister, cousin, daughter, grand-daughter & value my ties to my family.
I'm a loyal & trustworthy friend, a business-minded woman, a giddy paper-crafter... but most importantly?
I'm a child of God:
16 January 2010

Wow!! Dinnae!!
Just love this layout, love your photos in the film strip, great idea and perfect for 'Screen to Scrap'concept. Mmmm..... so you are a purple girl :) Great photo of you Dinnae! I havn't forgotten your beautiful smile....
I worked with Dinnae for about 18months in Melbourne but sadly she returned to her home country Canada, (I think its been about 2 years now!) she has been missed immensley, never forgotten and through our love of scrapbooking we have kept in touch :) Great work!! - Cheers


  1. Wow what a great layout and a fantastic bio of yourself, I love the filmstrip of little photos and it goes perfectly with this months poster. Great work.

  2. thanks ladies... i'm really happy with the way it turned out, it was one of those that the pic in my mind came to life on my page - super happy 'bout that!

    yeah, shaz, it'll be 18 months since we left aus on the 1st of feb... can't believe it's been that long! miss you guys heaps, but can't say i miss the heat! ;) we have no snow here right now, which is WEIRD for mid jan, just WEIRD.

    thanks again tho! mwah!

  3. I am so in love with that film strip, what a fab layout, very nice indeed...

  4. love the film strip, this is amazing work and i esp love the journalling here

  5. Yep, definately the filmstrip is a hit - looks fantastic!! I really love your journalling too...

  6. Love the film strip down the side, great colours too and all that journaling!

  7. Wow! Yep I love that filmstrip too! Love the colour choice aswell and great journaling!

  8. Stunning page - love the colours, the filmstrip, the journalling...beautiful!

  9. thanks ladies, i'm a journaller (if ya couldn't tell ;) ). i keep a journal for each of my boys (that i don't write in much lately!), and i know that for me, i would have LOVED to be able to look through journals of my mum's, my gramas' etc....but that wasn't something commonplace back then. my aim is to create something that my children and grandchildren can get to know me through - aside from the old lady that they will one day see. ;)